I’ve One wish: You and I – Fulfilled and Happy

Meditation quotes - All Here By Erkin Bek

All Here intro in Author’s own words

Simply, yet profoundly


“After a lifelong search of self-fulfilment, I am happy to have reached my home – the one of inner-fulfilment, of great happiness”


Erkin Bek is the author of his vision “All Here” and the book by the same name.  He is a visionary on topics of meditation and path to enlightenment, or what he refers to as inner-fulfilment.


Having accomplished a complex and unprecedented journey toward the heights of meditational practices, he has discovered and founded his vision “All Here”.  He released a book consisting of concise writings in order to share a fresh perspective on a personal quest and its destination.


He is a dedicated proponent of Raja Yoga and widely liberal values that he considers important for attaining of inner freedom & ultimate contentment.  From the Himalayas to New Delhi, where he’s frequent resident, he travels the world and gently promotes a meditational and enlightened approach to life.


“I propose to live freely, embrace everything, and begin the journey towards complete inner-fulfilment” – Erkin Bek

All Here intro in Author’s own words