I’ve One wish: You and I – Fulfilled and Happy

Meditation quotes - All Here By Erkin Bek

All Here intro in Author’s own words

Simply yet Profoundly


Erkin Bek is a visionary on topics of meditation and personal fulfilment.


Having accomplished a complex and unprecedented journey towards the heights of meditational practices, he has discovered and founded his vision “All Here”, and published this book in order to share a fresh perspective on matters of personal quest and its destination.


He is a dedicated proponent of widely liberal values and Raja Yoga as the last mile of meditation practices.  From the Himalayas to New Delhi, where he’s frequent resident, he travels the world and gently promotes these values.


“I propose to live freely, embrace everything, and begin the journey towards complete inner-fulfilment” – Erkin Bek

All Here intro in Author’s own words