All here book cover

All Here is about the inner power of the individual and the journey of connecting to that inner force.


“One’s own ‘self’ as the object of absolute existential interest & reaching inner fulfilment as the final destination of life, form the central focus of the book ‘All Here’


There are 34 poems that are meant to take you into a profound self-review and contemplation.  They present a fresh perspective on meditation, enlightenment and inner liberation – the ultimate pillars of long-term happiness.


In sharp contrast with other books on life and meditation that are lengthy in elaborative writings, ‘All Here’ is a new way of presenting ideas in a very concise way through short writings.


“ If you ever lose direction in your self-quest, these writings offer a pathway to bring you right into your essence, where fulfilment always abides ” – Erkin Bek


The book is illustrated with artwork by the Far Eastern painter Lee Jung Woong.